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Do you want to learn how to analyze financial statements like the pros? Analyzing financial statements is no easy task and many accountants are more comfortable preparing the statements than analyzing them. However, in order to be an effective accountant, it is important to understand the basics about how others will analyze the statements so that the accountant can better anticipate questions and be prepared with effective answers. The task becomes even more complex in a world where some companies report results using different accounting platforms; some companies report under International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS), others report using U.S. GAAP and still others report using Accounting Standards for Private Enterprises (ASPE).

This comprehensive seminar focuses on how to analyze financial statements in detail, particular the lesser known techniques which are becoming more and more important when comparing IFRS and ASPE reporting.

Topics covered

  • Basic ratio analysis
  • Dupont Analysis
  • Altman Analysis
  • Review of challenges faced by the organization
  • Capitalizing vs. Expensing
  • Research & Development
  • Goodwill – Impairment measurement

Workshop format

The seminar will review the situations in which to use straightforward financial ratio analysis and will also address adjustments which must be made to statements prior to the use of ratios so that the financial analysis techniques are applied effectively. It will highlight other measures which must be taken into account to arrive at a detailed assessment of a company’s financial health and review some of the reports that are available through popular software and are used by external users, such as Bloomberg reports.

This seminar is very interactive and hands-on. Participants will analyze real company financial statements and should bring a calculator with them to benefit from the session.

Who will benefit

This course will benefit financial professionals who would like to enhance their abilities to read and evaluate the health of financial statements. It will appeal to users of analysts, bankers, and other users of financial statements. It will also benefit accounting and finance managers, senior managers, directors, analysts, senior analysts, VP of Finance, and CFOs. By having a better understanding of the information shareholders, bankers, and other financial statement users analyze statements, participants can perform their own roles more successfully and present their financials effectively.

Price: $1,499

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