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Analyzing financial statements is no easy task and financial professional do not feel comfortable analyzing them, including many accountants who are well experienced in preparing the statements.

This seminar focuses on how to analyze financial statements, focusing particularly on financial statement ratios and some of the reports that popular systems, such as Bloomberg reports, generate for external users of financial statements.

Topics covered

  • Refresher on Financial Statements
  • Financial Statement Analysis
    • Horizontal Analysis
    • Vertical Analysis
    • Ratio Analysis
      • Liquidity analysis
      • Profitability analysis
      • Efficiency analysis
      • Leverage analysis
    • Balanced Scorecard
  • Overview of software tools available for analysts
  • Mathematical predictors of bankruptcy

Workshop format

This seminar is very interactive and hands-on. Participants will analyze real company financial statements and should bring a calculator with them. This seminar is also an effective introduction for a more advanced course on financial statement analysis.

Who will benefit

By having a better understanding of the information shareholders, bankers, and other financial statement users will be able to analyze statements, business executives can understand how they are being evaluated and better contribute to their company’s performance. They can apply similar techniques on their own financial results and can present their financial results more successfully. This session will also benefit non-accountants as well as accountants who are often unfamiliar with how other users of financial statements evaluate and adjust the statements they prepare.

Price: $649

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